Mathematics at St Matthew's

“Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human spirit.”
– Stefan Banach (1892-1945 – Polish mathematician)

At St. Matthew’s we are committed to developing a love of mathematics in our students.

In the early years of schooling the primary focus is on developing children’s skills in number. Year Prep, 1 and 2 classes follow the principles found within the Learning Framework In Number (LFIN) strategies developed by Professor Bob Wright (Southern Cross University). This provides students with a sound foundation of early numeracy skills from which other areas of mathematics are developed.

In Year 3 to 6 these foundations are built upon with a program anchored in the Victorian Curriculum. (VCAA – Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.) In all year levels concrete materials are used to develop student’s understanding of the concepts covered.
Every classroom teacher plans with the Mathematics Leader to ensure that a comprehensive, developmental and sequential program is implemented that caters for student need.

Numeracy Intervention from both the Numeracy Intervention Teacher and the Mathematics Leader provide assistance to those students who are still in the process of developing some of the mathematical concepts covered within the mainstream classroom.

Children who enjoy complex mathematical challenges are also catered for at St. Matthew’s. Students that have demonstrated particular problem solving skills participate in the Australasian Problem Solving Mathematics Olympiad (APSMO) where they compete in mathematical challenges against other students in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

We see the development of numeracy skills as an essential ingredient in producing independent, educated, self-motivated and confident students.