Application for enrolment

An application for enrolment must be completed as fully as possible for every child to be enrolled. Before an application can be considered, the following conditions must be met:

  • Parents must be prepared to accept the conditions of enrolment fully in respect to each and every child
  • If parents are not interviewed on the date specified, they must arrange for an interview with the Principal and Parish Priest
  • A Baptismal Certificate must be supplied for copying for our files
  • If the Baptismal Certificate does not contain the date of birth of the child, then a Birth Certificate or proof of age must be supplied;
  • Prep children must be five year old by the 30th April the year they start school

Conditions of enrolment

Continuing commitment to the following conditions is expected:

  • Parents are expected to accept a commitment to give their child every opportunity to experience the fullness of their faith at home and to give the child every opportunity and encouragement to practise it by attending each weekend, receiving the Sacraments, daily prayers, etc.
  • Parents are expected to support and encourage the Gospel values and the standards of behaviour that these imply
  • Parents are expected to accept and support the school rules
  • Parents are expected to co-operate with regulations set down from time to time by the school authorities. Such regulations are devised to ensure the safety of children and the efficient management of school facilities
  • Parents are expected to be supportive of the school authorities, the school administration, the teachers and various organisations working towards the welfare of the school
  • Parents are expected to assist whenever possible and support the school’s activities and fund-raising efforts
  • Parents are expected to commit themselves to the regular payment of school fees and levies

Parents must accept that all students will partake fully in every aspect of the school programme


  • In order to preserve the Catholic character of the school, priority of enrolment will always be given to Catholic children of families resident within the Parish
  • Catholic children who live outside the Parish may be enrolled at the discretion of the appropriate Parish authorities
  • Non-Catholic children who live within the Parish may be enrolled at the discretion of the appropriate Parish authorities, and only when their enrolment would not exclude Catholic children
  • All parents are required to give an undertaking that the nature, life and special identity of the school will be respected
  • Acceptance of non-Catholic children into this Parish Primary School does not give any right of admission into a Catholic Secondary College